Tomorrow Is Yesterday by Kastus Akula

Заўтра ёсьць учора
Акула Кастусь

Tomorrow Is Yesterday by Kastus Akula “It is unwise of us, humble and small, with our abilities limited by God to try to grasp the meaning of all that He created and question the ways and means of God,” is the moral pivot of the novel by Kastus Akula. The novel was published in Canada in 1967. Its first version came out in the author’s native language. The book, a combination of a classical American thriller and snapshots of war tragedy, broke into Canada’s bestseller list in 1968. The story of an ordinary Belarusian woman, Maryya Karavay, is about immeasurable pain and suffering of one person and the whole war generation. Hardships that the character went through would be difficult to endure for several persons, but “the ways of God are a mystery,” and good wins in the end. Hyperboles help keep the hope for a happy end alive. Maryya faces tough dilemmas: faith and faithlessness, Christian submission and struggle for freedom. Tomorrow is Yesterday by Kastus Akula captures the reader’s attention through its realism like early novels by Bykau and Adamovich.

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