Kastus Akula

Kastus Akula (Alyaksandr Kachan) was a good friend of my grandfather coming from the same place in Belarus; Kastus Akula was born in the village of Veratsey (near modern-day Dokshytsy, Vitsyebsk region) in 1925. He briefly lived in Italy and Britain before leaving for Canada in 1947.

He was a talented belarusian writer living in Canada. I have a couple of books with his signature at home and really like to read them again and again.

He dedicated much time to creating of Belarusian communities in Canada. He founded a church in Toronto; was an editor of the magazine Zvazhaj; was one of the organizers of the Association of Belarusians of Canada and its first chairman.

His literary legacy includes the novels Zmaharnyya Darohi (Fighting Roads), Za Volyu (For Freedom) and the trilogy Haravatka. He was the first Belarusian emigrant to write a novel in English. Titled Tomorrow is Yesterday, the book explores the fates of Belarusians and Belarus before and after World War II.

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