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Last summer days, catching up on holodnik


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Reading of the day: Obelisk, Bykov


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Top 5 most famous ghosts in Belarus (by Migalayte)

Good ghost expensive in the world today. Because, without the need for practically nothing, brings tourism business other than money. Sometimes the owners of hotels are ready to come up with a story about the restless spirit, but in Belarus, the opposite is true: ghosts, but they are not wanted. And in vain: the mystical stories we have the highest standard.
1. Black Dame of Nesvizh
One of the most legendary ghosts inhabit the Belarusian Nesvizh Castle. Dark nights of the ancient alleys of the park, through the deserted halls and corridors of the palace haunting black lady – the spirit of Barbara Radziwill, the wife of the King of Poland Zigimont August. The body of the queen rests in Vilnius, but the soul is more than four centuries, forced to toil in Nesvizh.
Not be lazy and tell the sad story of this.

Nesvizh Castle

During his life, Barbara was intelligent, educated and beautiful. The girl enjoyed success with the opposite sex, what evil tongues called it “the great whore.” Curious once counted the number of her lovers, and agreed on the figure 38. Whatever it was, but marriage to Barbara in August in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania fiercely resisted.

Happiness was short-lived spouses. According to rumors, the unfortunate queen poisoned in-law Bona Sforza, who hated “upstarts” Radziwill. In May 1551 the first Barbara was gone. As the ominous legend, the king so grieved for the beloved, that one day decided to call her soul with the court alchemists. Those led him into a dark room with a mirror, which was engraved with the silhouette of the late queen, and took the pledge in any case not to touch Barbara. But as soon as the ghost appeared, Zigimont rushed to him with open arms, “Basenka mine!” At that moment there was an explosion and went putrid smell … Since then, poor soul, Barbara wanders through the world, always in black – in mourning for his ruined love – and can not find the way to the grave.

In the legend of the Black Spades believed the Germans occupied the double lock. When he saw something black in the park, they were fired in that direction with a cry of “Frau Schwartz,” and ran away. In Soviet times, resting in the collective health resort, which was situated the castle, complained about the strange creaks and noises in the night.

However, we sincerely wish you all ever meet the Black Lady. After all, they believed themselves Radziwill, the ghost appears to warn of the dangers and troubles to come. For example, Princess Isabella Radziwill claimed that the black woman appeared in the window of the castle when her father was walking along the ramparts. At the same time in Warsaw, died of his elder brother Albert, later buried in 1936 in the tomb of Nesvizh Radziwill.

2. Sonia from the Mir

Mir Castle

Mir Castle, in contrast to its neighbor Nesvizh not too shrouded in a mystical aura. But occasionally someone mentions a local ghost named Sonia, who “lives” in a white tower. Perhaps we are talking about Sophia Sviatopolk-Worldly, buried in the early XX century in the family crypt next to the castle. The spirit of Sonia, apparently, very humble, do not worry about him not being told, in contrast to the large pond behind the castle. Once in its place was a beautiful apple orchard. But the owner of the castle Sviatopolk-Mir in May 1898 ordered the trees cut down at the very moment when they bloomed, and the place of the garden to dig a lake. Since then, the vindictive spirits apple revenge people – almost every year in this pond is drowning man.

3. Pani Jadwiga of Loshitsa
The most famous ghost of Minsk “lives” in an old manor Loshitsa. Fortunately for Lady Jadwiga, once the wife of the owner of the estate Eustache Luban, its fame as a good ghost.
As the legend goes, the owner of the estate fell in love, according to one version of the Minsk governor Musin-Pushkin, on the other – in Count Czapski, and the third – a young but impoverished nobleman, from whom she allegedly expecting a baby. The latter most plausible, since the previous fans were already under 70.

Manor Loshitsa

When all was revealed family scandal erupted. It happened in 1905, just as the birthday of Jadwiga . Upset birthday girl ran to the Svisloch, which flows behind the house and sat in the boat. What happened next, nobody knows. Whether the boat capsized, or whether the girl herself took his own life, but soon found her body on the riverbank. At this point, widowed Luban rare for Belarus planted tree – Manchurian apricot, whose fruits resemble walnut, but have the shape of a heart. Jadwiga was buried in the family chapel, whose ruins are now rises near the main avenue. Window Jadwiga’s room looked out on the river, Eustace laid the bricks.

How to tell the old-timers, in the spring, when flowering apricot, and the park surrounds the night darkness, the lovers can easily meet the ghost of Jadwiga – against the backdrop of the Moon appear unusually distinctive silhouette of a woman in a wide white robes, who tells the most daring couples how their family life, or helps practical advice.

4. The Black Monk of Golshany
Golshany – perhaps the most mystical place in Belarus. Local legends will be enough for a full-fledged horror film or even on the show. So here are equally willing visited by tourists, journalists, film crews, pundits, “Ghostbusters,” the researchers of paranormal phenomena,


One film, famed Golshany already filmed – “The Black Castle Olshansky,” the famous novel by Vladimir Korotkevich. In the legend, which describes Vladimir Korotkevich told that once upon a time rootless young man Gremislav Valyuzhinich loved beauty, illustrious Princess Hanna-Gordislavu Golshanskaya. The girl reciprocated. To meet with his mistress, dressed in a monk’s Gremislav. When their secret meetings, learned her husband of Princess, honoring the tradition of the Middle Ages and the “dish” tribal honor, he killed them both. Since there is no rest the Black Monk (so nicknamed him the locals) and the White Lady. They now and then appear in the niches of the tower and induce death in the horror of bystanders.

5. White Lady of Golshany
There are Golshany and the other, no less fascinating legend about the appearance of a White Lady. Like, four centuries ago, Paul Stefan Sapieha, the owner of Golshany, gave money to build a Catholic church and monastery. The date of consecration was appointed to the August 6, 1618. Cope builders – will receive compensation, will not have time – waiting for their punishment. Masons worked hard, but one of the walls of the monastery all the time collapsed. What kind of attack? That means we need to bring a secret sacrifice, we decided to builders. And it will be the one of the wives of the builders, which will come first for her husband to dinner. Came the most beautiful and young, and it was bricked into the wall.

This is how the White Lady, by far – the most famous ghost in Belarus.
Even in our time a few years ago, restoration, clearing the basement of the Monastery (the so-called church annexe), stumbled upon the immured skeleton. When he got on the wall, as well as a few centuries ago, ran the crack. For a long time, the bones lay in a box. Then the branch manager of the National Art Museum, which now occupies the Monastery, asked two local residents to bury the ashes in a Christian way. And they probably were too lazy to walk to the cemetery or have done something wrong, but was soon full force men died one after another.


In general, the ghost raged. It was he who turns off the light in the annex, include, the moaning, then crying, then the grid will begin to rattle, it will turn into a bat, then hug the invisible hand of someone of the tourists, the pit from the steps of TV, it will erase the memory of the digital photo camera .
Once the expedition traveled here from one of the Belarusian organization, studying such phenomena.

The researchers argue that the building is systematically worked well established in the cells and corridors of special sensors designed to detect the motion of large objects. A very “Ghostbusters,” spent the night in the monastery, saw shadows and silhouettes, light spots, heard strange sounds. Russian ufologists say that their sensors are installed on the vacant second floor in the morning and appeared to be scattered at all.

 Source: http://mynativebelarus.blogspot.se

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List of World Heritage by UNESCO in Belarus

There are four UNESCO World Heritage objects in Belarus:  Struve Geodetic Arc, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Mir castle and Nyasvizh castle.

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